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I am a Foot Doctor, a runner, a dad and a poet who has been treating foot, ankle and nail problems for over two decades.  I have a terrific practice with offices in Andover, Lowell and Haverhill with a great staff that can help you with the following:

Diabetic Foot Care

We help people with diabetic foot problems by offering wound care, a diabetic shoe program, braces, custom orthotics and much more. With our state-of-the-art on-site X-Ray machine, we know precisely where the problem lies and how to help you deal with it. Diabetes can impact every aspect of your life. Dr. Wachtel and his staff offer comprehensive treatments to prevent limb loss and treat diabetic foot conditions.

Children’s Foot Care

Your child’s feet grow and change right along with them, making it crucial to be very aware of any pain they have as it can set the stage for future problems.

Skin & Nail Health

Too often, the health of the skin and nails is forgotten – but keeping all aspects of the foot and ankle are equally important. We help people with common things such as ingrown toenails, fungal nail infections and many other issues.

Athletes and Active Feet

Your feet are a pivotal part of your active lifestyle – so when they hurt, it does more than just slow you down. Don’t let foot pain take you out of the game. Dr. Wachtel is both a runner and a volleyball player who has extensive understanding of sports related foot injuries and treatments.  Dr. Wachtel and his staff serve their patients with the utmost care at their three office locations in North Andover, Lowell, and Haverhill.

Working Feet

The workplace can be a common cause of foot pain. Whether you stand all day, or sit at a desk, it’s crucial to understand the importance of your foot health.

Other Foot Issues

There are numerous other issues that I treat but can’t list everything.  Call my office today and let’s talk.  Here are some quick links to a few of the frequent issues we help people out with:  bunions and bunion pain relief, diabetic foot issues, stinging toes, pediatric foot issues, ingrown toe nails.  We encourage you to give our office a call at

DPM Doctor Wachtel is a Podiatrist, a Foot Doctor, who has Andover Podiatry, Haverhill Podiatry, Lawrence Podiatry, Lowell Podiatry office.

Most Common Feet Problems

You may click on these common foot issues to learn more about them: heel pain, sports foot issues, diabetic foot issues, toe stinging, childrens podiatry, bunions, and many more.  If you suffer from any of these, call us today and let us help you eliminate them.

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We encourage you to visit our Foot Care Library but if you can't find an answer then please reach out.

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