Oral therapy for Nail Fungus may be toxic to your liver, and typically doesn’t work well.  Avoid these issues with quick and effective Nail Fungus Laser Therapy.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Mitchell Wachtel and today we’re going to talk about laser therapy and its uses for fungus and thickened nail infections.In our practice we see a large quantity of patients that have very thick fungal nails. They become white and discolored or even yellow. Unfortunately with this problem, over time there’s a possibility of bacterial infection on either side of the toe. Because what happens is the nail gets very thick and discolored. These types of nails typically become very painful because of the thickness and rubbing up against the shoe.There are many types of nail fungus. Oral anti-fungal is an option but the problems with anti-fungal is that when applied orally there’s potential of toxicity to the liver. It’s something in our practice that we try not to provide as a service to our patients because we know it can hurt them more than help them. Another way of treating is a topical medication where we literally have you paint a medication on the nail which you apply twice a day. It’s mild to moderately effective.In our practice the number one way we treat nail fungus or thickened nails is via laser. Laser technology is very interesting. It’s a ray of light that goes directly over the nails and it’s approximately a 20-minute treatment. It’s basically adding oxygen to tissue and if you put oxygen on a plant it will die and the same idea applies to fungus nails.We have many patients that come into our practice that have a very thick nail and leave after the end of a laser treatment with a rather clear nail. So if you’re considering having treatment for nail fungus we recommend you come in and get a consult by someone that does laser technology and getting a very definitive treatment long term.”