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Foot Problems and Solutions Discussed by Podiatrist Dr. Wachtel

A compilation of articles to help people who are suffering from foot pain and other foot issues.  Our foot doctor Mitchell Wachtel has been servicing the northern Massachusetts community for couple of decades and is offering his readers a great selection of articles to help them better understand issues involved with foot pain.  If you are in the northern Mass region (Lowell, Lawrence, Haverhill, Andover, etc.,) please reach out if you are having foot problems.

Diabetic Foot Care

A collection of articles for those with diabetics foot problems and have issues with their feet.

Working Feet & Foot Pain

Working feet related articles such as foot discomfort, orthopedic shoes, foot surgery, shoe fitting and much more. Quick reads that can make your work life much easier.

Foot Pain & Injuries

Foot Injuries can last a long time. Find out more what can be done to minimize foot injuries and foot pain.

Pediatrist Podiatrist & Foot Care

From infants to toddlers to little children, a collection of articles to help you and your child’s feet problems.

Active Feet

A collection of articles for people who are diabetics and have issues with their feet.

Patient Foot Education

General education and information on foot care, foot pain treatments, and other issues related to caring for your feet.

Skin and Nail Foot Care

Information about skin and nail health to help you with these issues. Articles include information on nail fungus, blisters, warts, ingrown nails and more.

Heel Pain

A collection of articles for people who are diabetics and have issues with their feet.

General Foot Library

Supplemental information on a wide variety of foot health related articles from bunions to high arches, from running shoes to mallet toes.

We are an Andover podiatry office lead by Foot Doctor Mitch Wachtel who has been servicing the Andover, Lawrence, Lowell, Haverhill (and more) communities for decades.  We treat all sorts off issues from stinging toes to ingrown toenails, from diabetic foot care to bunion foot care, from pediatric podiatry to heel pain and sports medicine.  We encourage you to contact us if you are suffering with foot issues so that you can get on to better living.  Find out why Dr. Wachtel is called a toe doctor!

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